New Student Info/ FAQ’s



I'm new to yoga - where can I start?


Welcome and congratulations! You are about to embark on an exciting, life changing journey that will continue to evolve with you.  Please keep in mind this is a new activity for you and remember to be compassionate with yourself.   No matter how long one has been practicing yoga we are all still in the process of learning – this is what keeps yoga from getting boring!  The only prerequiste to practicing yoga is the ability to breathe.  If you are completely brand new to yoga a great place to start is with our Yoga Basics 101 or a Gentle class.  Click here to view class times and pre-register.


How often should I practice?


Ideally as a beginner you want to strive to complete at least 10 - 15 classes in 30 days. This establishes a solid foundation to build your yoga practice. It is recommended that you practice a minimum of 2-3 classes per week to produce the changes you desire over time.  Practicing 4-6 times/week will transform your life!


What do I wear?


Wear comfortable, breathable clothing.  If you are taking a heated class you will likely want to wear clothing that helps to wick away moisture. It is typical to sweat A LOT during a heated class - you may want to bring a dry change of clothes to change into if you plan to take a hot class.


What do I bring?


-    Yoga Mat

-    1-2 Towels

-    Water

-    An open mind



***All of the items listed above {with the exception of an open mind} are available to purchase or rent in the studio*** 


***First time students may borrow a yoga mat towel and for free. ***


Should I eat before class?


It is ideal to have a light snack {fruit, yogurt, smoothie, trail mix etc.} 1-2 hours prior to class. 


How much water should I drink?


If you are attending a heated class you will get more out of your experience if you come to class well-hydrated.  Good Hydration = More Sweat = More Release of Toxins.  We recommend drinking an additional 12-16oz of water within 2 hours before class.  You are welcome to sip water during class as needed.   Please remember to rehydrate after class too!


How do I replace electrolytes?


You should expect to sweat A LOT in our heated classes. With the water that you lose in sweat you are also losing valuable electrolytes and it is important to replenish them.  We sell coconut water, fresh juices + smoothies all of which are great ways to replenish your electrolytes lost in sweat. 


What are the benefits of practicing yoga in the heat?


There are tremendous benefits to practicing yoga in a heated room.  Practicing in a heated room allows for greater flexibility enabling you to go deeper into the poses.  The heat also facilitates the body’s ability to sweat more aiding in the release of more toxins.  Additionally, the heat will increase your heart rate resulting in better cardiovascular health and more calorie burning.  With consistent practice your body will become a Lean • Serene • Yoga Machine.  If you try it and practicing yoga in the heat is still not for you feel free to attend the non- heated classes and maybe consider getting some of the therapeutic benefits of the heat in our Infrared Sauna.